Phoenix Window Blinds

Phoenix Interior DesignerHi there! My name is DeAnna Williams. I’ve been an interior designer in the Phoenix area for over 15 years. If there’s one question I run into over and over again it’s this “Where can I get good quality window coverings without blowing my entire budget?”

I’ve worked with nearly every blind contractor in the valley and there are only 3 I recommend to my clients. Here’s a quick list, then I’ll go into more about the positives and negatives of each.

The Top 3 Blind Companies in Phoenix

  2. BlindSaver
  3. Blinds Express

  • If you measure incorrectly they’ll give you a new blind for free within 15 days.
  • Free color swatches and samples available.
  • Free shipping except on oversize blinds (wider than 94 inches).
  • Monday through Saturday Customer Service.
  • Professional or self installation available.

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Blindsaver Blinds Phoenix ArizonaBlindSaver

  • Guaranteed lowest price—up to 30 days after your order.
  • Up to 10 free samples.
  • Up to 4 blinds exchanged free within 15 days.
  • Free Shipping on every order.
  • Must measure and install yourself.

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Blinds Express PhoenixBlinds Express

  • All blinds custom made to your specifications
  • Quantity discounts on orders of 10 blinds or more.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  • Must measure and install yourself.

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Phoenix BlindsWhether you’re just moving into a newly constructed home or you’re updating an existing home, window blinds are an essential and functional piece of your interior design scheme.

Blinds and other window coverings like planation shutters are especially important in Phoenix and other Arizona locations because they can lower your cooling bill by reducing the amount of heat in your home.

When deciding on window coverings, here are a few examples of popular choices:

Roman Shades PhoenixRoman Shades

Many people like roman shades because they give any room a modern or contemporary look. These shades also diffuse light, rather than completely blocking it, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in dining rooms, dens, family rooms and more.

Plantation Shutters PhoenixPlantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an incredible addition to any room. Though expensive, they can last for years and years with hassle-free operation. Plantation shutters are typically constructed of wood and can be found in virtually any color or stain.

Vertical Blinds PhoenixVertical Blinds

For larger windows and glass sliding doors, vertical blinds are a great solution. They come in an endless variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Vertical blinds are also great for providing substantial insulation without blocking your view completely.

Curtains and Drapes PhoenixCurtains and Drapes

For a quick solution to adding elegance to your room, drapes and curtains are just the ticket. There is an endless variety of fabrics, patterns, colors and sizes. Plus, most can be used with blinds as well. You can also use decorative hardware to give your drapery a custom feel.

Wood Blinds PhoenixWood Blinds

Much like plantation shutters, wood blinds give your room a rich and substantial feel. Wooden blinds are versatile in size and come in a variety of colors and stains. Many people opt for faux wood blinds to save money and enjoy the same authentic look.

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